The Piano Poem Project

Emotions expressed by Piano

Piano Poem is an instrumental musical form for solo piano. this form is based on the main theme and some variations on it. the general mood of the piece should be improvisational, though it does not mean that the piece is simply an improvisation on a single theme, it shows the emotional expression of the composer.

It is possible to find similarities between Nocturne and Piano Poem as a form. in Piano Poem, the piece has a narrative quality, therefore the length of each piece is inherently longer than a normal Nocturne.

So far there have been several single pieces composed by Arashk Azizi as the Piano Poem, but the main project is an album containing 10 solo piano pieces that each piece is based on a "Ruba'i" (an ancient form of a short poem from Iran) by "Omar Khayyam" the great Persian mathematician, philosopher, astronomer, and poet from 12th century.

The objective of the Piano Poem is to provide the audience with a wonderfully emotional piece in which a story is being told. of course, the story is not being given to the audience as a literal piece, but it affects them on a subconscious level.


Piano Poem in C minor, Op. 6 "Cascade"

Cascade is an emotional piece for solo piano. this piano poem composition is under the influence of minimalistic music but at the same time, it has a popular taste.


Piano Poem in G minor, Op. 4 "Still Moment"

This piece is the first official Piano Poem by Arashk Azizi. in this 13-minute solo piano, the composer takes the audience through an emotional journey from the slow and soft beginning of the main theme to dark and melancholy variations in the middle and an almost unpredicted bright ending.


Piano Poem in E major, "Wonderful Life"

Wonderful life is a contemporary piece for solo piano. this Piano Poem is thoroughly emotional and full of expressive moments. being a contemporary piece, Piano Poen in E minor still carries a narrative quality.


Piano Poem in C major "Chka"

"Chka" is an expression of the deeper feelings of the Artist through the piano. the piece is basically a slow and soft instrumental ballad trying to connect the composer to the audience.