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Symphony No.2 in C minor


"Esfandiyar" is a program symphony based on the epic of "Seven Labors of Esfandiyar" from the book of "Shahnameh" by the Persian poet Ferdowsi in the 10th century CE.

The symphony consists of Seven movements, each telling the story of an obstacle in the epic journey of Esfandiyar. Rhythm is one of the most essential elements in this symphony. The first movement begins with a seven-beat rhythm and each movement gains one more beat until the last movement which is in a 13-beat rhythm.

Movements are based on the general mood of each story. the main melody that represents Esfandiar, is a simple ascending arpeggio that appears in each movement as a sign of overcoming the obstacle ahead and there is a contrasting melody in each movement representing the obstacle.

"Esfandiyar" is written in the style of late romantic era pieces, but the orchestration and rhythms can remind the audience of epic Hollywood soundtracks, while harmonically, this symphony can be considered a contemporary classical piece.

Symphony in C-minor.png
quartet in g.png

String Quartet in G minor

the Seven Domes

string quartet in G minor is a nine-movement piece based on the book "Haft Peykar" written by the Persian poet Nizami Ganjavi in 1197. each movement is based on a story in the book trying to represent the general mood of the story via the media of music. the composition of the piece has finished in the autumn of 2019. you can help record this album by donating from the link below.

Brass Quintet in D major


Venus is Arashk Azizi's first brass quintet. this piece is in three movements and has a classical form, although, despite its form, the composition has a modern harmony especially in the third movement. the composition of piece has finished in the winter of 2019. you can help record this album by donating from the link below.

quintet in d.png
string quartet in c-sharp.png

String Quartet in C-Sharp Minor

In The Eternal Day

This five-movement piece is the string quartet version of Symphony No.1 in C-Sharp Minor. all the melodies have been preserved for this version, though the length of each movement has been reduced. still, the narrative story that runs the harmony stays the same. you can listen to or buy the symphony from the link below.

Piano Sonata in C minor

The Day Silence Began

The first piano sonata from Arashk Azizi contains six movements and as always based on a storyline. although the detailed story is not been given, and let the audience perceive the story as they hear the piece.

Piano Sonata in C minor.png
Symphony in c-sharp minor.png

Symphony No.1 In C-Sharp Minor

In The Eternal Day

Symphony in C-sharp minor is Arashk Azizi's first published Album and one of his major works. This symphony is composed in five movements based on an epic story from the book "the conference of the birds". the main theme (Phoenix) starts to appear at the end of the first movement and does not get completed melodically or harmonically until the end of the fifth movement.

Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano without Strings

A Study on the Rhythm

One of Arashk Azizi's modern compositions, a Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano without strings, or a turned-off digital piano. this composition accentuates the rhythmic elements of each instrument. the piano is used not as a melodic instrument, but as a percussive one to bring a new color to the well-known instrument. you can download the sheet music from the link below.

10 nocturnes.png


For Solo Piano

Arashk Azizi's Op.3 contains ten nocturnes for solo piano. all the nocturnes are composed and performed by himself. you can listen to or purchase this calm piano album from the link below.

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